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E-Juice & E-Liquid Wholesale Malaysia || EJUICEUSAMURAH.CO

EJUICEUSAMURAH.COM offers very competitive wholesale pricing for retail store owners. Please fill up the form below and our representative will get back to you shortly.

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Wholesale Account Registration Form || EJUICEUSAMURAH.CO

Wholesale account registration for vape business owners. Enjoy competitive pricing on premium imported e-juices.


*Approval of your wholesale account will be based on the information submitted in the form above. If possible, please submit as much information requested as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Tiers

We offer 3 wholesale tiers:

  • Bronze (Minimum Order Value of RM500 & above)
  • Silver (Minimum Order Value of RM1000 & above)
  • Gold (Minimum Order Value of RM1500 & above)

Your account tier with be set accordingly based on your previous and future purchase history with us.




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