• Kilo Revival 100ML TFN
  • Pachamama
  • Kilo Moo E-Liquids 100ML TFN
  • Ripe Vapes Freebase
  • Jimmy The Juiceman 120ML
  • Suicide Bunny 30ML & 100ML
  • Glas Basix 60ML
  • Country Clouds Freebase
  • 7Daze Freebase
  • Vapetasia
  • Barista Brew Co Freebase

No Clone Zone

EJUICEUSAMURAH  does not sell any clones nor do we condone the sales of clones. 5 years back the price difference between a clone & original product was RM80-RM150 which may have justified your reason for purchasing a clone. However now the price difference between them are a mere Rm10-RM50. With spending a little more, you have the peace of mind that your hardware is not going to explode in your face or your tank is not going to start rusting due to cheap materials used in clones & bad workmanship. We have been down that clone road and trust us when we say it's just not worth it. 

It is even worst with ejuices where you can find most famous brands being clones like Jam Monster, Loaded, Naked, Yogi, etc being sold for RM25 and what baffles us is there are actually people still purchasing these products. The main reason we started vaping is for a healthier lifestyle so don't let cheap prices fool you and jeapordize your health. God knows what ingredients are put into these ejuices. 

Our e-juices are obtained directly via the manufacturer or their authorized distributor which we verify before purchasing. 

All our hardwares are bought directly from the manufacturers. None of our products are gotten of 3rd party wholesalers or local wholesalers. 

We assure you all products that you purchase on EJUICEUSAMURAH is guaranteed to be genuine. 

With all said, vape on brothers & sisters!


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