• Kilo Revival 100ML TFN
  • Pachamama
  • Kilo Moo E-Liquids 100ML TFN
  • Ripe Vapes Freebase
  • Jimmy The Juiceman 120ML
  • Suicide Bunny 30ML & 100ML
  • Glas Basix 60ML
  • Country Clouds Freebase
  • 7Daze Freebase
  • Vapetasia
  • Barista Brew Co Freebase

About Us

Just like many, we started vaping back in 2013 to kick our cigarette smoking habit and transition into a healthier lifestyle with our first ever mod which was the Joyetech Evic. The good ol' days when we used to drive to Cheras Downtown & try our best to find an empty parking lot on the roadside just to go in and get our vape supplies. Mini Nova tanks & Echo Vape were our favorites back then.

As time passed, we started to realize how more locally made e-juices were being loaded with sweeteners and this would gunk up our coils really fast. You put in a fresh new build, you take the first few hits and you tell yourself how awesome vaping is. After an hour or so your vape starts to taste funky. I'm sure many of you have experienced or are still experiencing this. This is when we were introduced to imported USA e-juices and we fell in love with the quality & variety they had. However, these imported e-liquids were expensive and still are, so we decided as a group of friends to start purchasing in bulk directly from these manufacturers.

EJUICEUSAMURAH.CO started as a side hustle selling to friends & family members. Fast forward a few years, we have now shipped over 100,000 e-juice bottles to our fellow Malaysians. Our goal is, to allow all Malaysian vapers to enjoy & experience high-quality vaping without burning a hole in their pocket. We have and always will offer our imported e-juices at the best possible prices.

We also source & purchase all our e-juices independently & directly from the manufacturers themselves. We guarantee that you will get 100% authentic/original e-juices when you shop with us.

With all said, we hope you have a great time shopping at EJUICEUSAMURAH.CO and enjoy your e-juices purchased from us just as much as we enjoyed sourcing the best tasting e-juices for you. Remember to spread the word if you do! 

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